Questions Asked About Our Mission – Candidate Missionary

What does it mean that you are a Candidate Missionary with U.S. Missions?

A Candidate Missionary is an individual who has applied with the Assemblies of God to serve as a missionary in one of two areas of focus. (World Missions – any missions endeavor outside the United States; and U.S. Missions – any missions endeavor within the United States.) They have been through an intensive interview process to determine if this individual is prepared to fulfill the work of a missionary. 

After some basic training the Candidate Missionary is released to begin the steps to becoming fully appointed as a missionary with the Assemblies of God.  It is here where the decision is confirmed through monthly support raised for their annual budget.  You could say that our leadership is wanting to see if those who know this person best are willing to stand with them in the mission field.  This means that every time we partner with a missionary through financial support we are in essence giving our approval.  We are recognizing their call to the mission field.

We (myself and Kandy) now have the opportunity to connect with other people to see if they are interested in standing with us to become fully appointed missionaries.  Once our budget is raised the U.S. Missions of the Assemblies of God will commission us.  Simply put, your support helps our leaders make full appointment with confidence knowing that the body of Christ stands with us.

If you would be interested in talking with us more about what we are working towards please feel free to contact us.  We would love the opportunity to share with you the idea God has given to us.

* The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author at the time of writing.  They do not reflect in any way those of the organizations to which they belong to or affiliated with.


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